This was our last Training Day for this year, and inculcated skills we need to run our program, apart from Sailing.

We had a great turnout of 26 people, most of whom have been on the list of Sailing Learners, with 3 people also completing the Manly Training for Support Boat Drivers. We will arrange for another 3 people to do their training in the next month or so, as it is important that we have more licensed Power Boat Drivers who know the Support Boat ropes at Manly.

Ken started the morning with a very interesting look at the new Risk Management Strategies that are now the Standard for organisations like ours. He ran through the reasons for having a document that outlines hazards and likelihoods of these things happening, and how to manage them. We are looking forward to the completion of this document.

We looked at one of the Training videos that are on our web-site:  and talked about the other videos that are available, and why people should take the time to have a look, and train themselves in rigging, using the hoist, and taking important roles.

Slideshow of Part of the audience for Ken’s talk, Who does What game, Concentrating on rigging the boom, lowering ken into the boat.

Then it was time for some movement: John took away the 3 people who were being trained on Charlie’s Chariot.

The rigging group, under the guidance of Denis, rigged three 303’s and put them in the water so that David and Jim could go across to the other side of the ferry lane and practise being “rescued”.

The third boat was used to demonstrate how to lower the keel, how to fix the rudder, and how to hoist people into the boats. Everyone had a turn fitting the sling, having a turn being lifted, and turning the handle. Helene was the leader of this activity.

Eli was in charge of the group talking about activities that take place up on the deck. This includes the radio, the Life-jacket Manager, the Time Keeper, etc, and it was a real eye-opener for some of our new volunteers.

In the meantime, Helen and Wilma were upstairs making a very elegant and delicious barbecue, so that as each group completed their activity, they made their way upstairs to eat.

So, a really great day for all the trainers, and the trainees:

Brian, Tony, Raghnild, Ivan, Mal, Claire, Andrew, Helen, Ella, Jasmin, Joy, Kevin, Ted, Lyn, Jennie, Nikki, Jim, Alan, Maleea and Scott.