Last week, we had a Saturday Sail Training Day for our Saturday volunteers, today was the day we brought this to our Wednesday Volunteers. The 19 people who turned up had a wonderful time learning about the rigging, then took the 303’s out for a wonderfully timeless sail in the stiff breeze. We met new volunteers Kevin, Raghnild, Chris for the first time and hope they will return for more fun with some of our Sailing Participants in the coming weeks.

Also with us were: Joy, Brian, Ted, Linda, Jennie looking for some extra sail training from Michael, Denis, Ted, Warwick, Peter, Ivan, David. John W, Allison, Heather and Joy were in Charlie’s Chariot, keeping an eye on things.

We fished in plenty of time to learn some de-rigging and putting away skills, with everyone intent on learning where to put things, and how to facilitate the taking out of boats next time.

Slideshow of Engaged learners with Denis, Chris and David W in Alex, Linda and Ted in Woody, Tamara and Ivan in Black Swan

Thanks for coming down, everyone, and thanks to the weather for being so kind to us.