A brisk Westerly to South Westerly defined today’s sailing, when Sailing Coordinator, Jennie and the crew arrived to set up and rig 8 boats, as 30 people were booked in for a sail this morning.

Warwick was the Charlie’s Chariot driver, and Ken his side-kick.

Sailors: John P and John W, Denis, Ivan, Rob, Michael, Peter, Ivan, Rob, Michael, David were kept busy on the water or on the pontoon, taking turns throughout the morning.

Helping on the deck and on the pontoon were Ros and Eli.

Radio: Corey.

Time keeper: Ray kept everything under control.

We started the morning with a large group of students from Royal Far West: Matthew, Jackson, Imogen, Lara, Zach, Braedon, Josh, Sophie, Karla, William, Taylor and Damon, students from Kamara, Tamworth, Griffith, Deniliquin, Tionee and other places in NSW were eager to hop in the boats, so after borrowing warm clothes from our spare clothes collection they set off across the bay either sailing, or observing from Charlie’s Chariot. There was quite a large swell, so the sailing was quite exciting and very enjoyable. Thanks, Craig and Jenny for the help you gave to facilitate this for your students.

Slideshow of Lara, Sophie, Damon in Charlies Chariot, Jennie and Sophie in Alex, Damon and John in Vin, David and Justin in Dolly Wallis, Jimmy and Michael in Dolly Wallis

The little kids from Verne Barnett arrived next, with helpers: Sarah, Laura, Jodi, Elle and Shar.

Aria, Aliyana, Carson, Callum, the 2 Jacks, Justin, Joseph, Koby, Liam, Mason, were kept busy the whole morning. Choices of when to sail, when to take a turn in Charlie’s Chariot, when to have morning tea, when to listen to the “Book Without Pictures” being read by Shar, or Mason kept the students involved and interested. Again, the height of the waves in the bay was an exciting feature of the morning for the children and their sailors.

Ellias, John, Oliver and Jimmy arrived from St Ives with helpers, Colin and Andrew and went for their sail and finally, Chelsea and Jack came down with Meg and Sam for their sail.

Everyone agreed that this was a fabulous morning and thanked the sailors for their efforts.