Today was series of wishes…oh won’t that drizzle stop.
Oh, won’t the waves subside
Where has the sunshine gone?
In spite of the wishes, our intrepid group of volunteers put out four boats, and did not wait for our participants to arrive, instead of this, went out for a practise sail in the drizzle and steady South Westerly breeze.
Ben arrived and was taken out by John, then slowly but surely, we were able to start the serious business of giving our participants a pleasant sail.
The weather relented, the drizzle stopped, the sun came out and the waves subsided.
John B took Vanessa out in Black Swan, John took Kane in Alex, Denis took Peter in Woody, Malcolm took Susie in Vin. This was Susie’s first time in a sailing boat, as she normally opts for a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, so it was very rewarding to see her confidently getting into the boat. David went off with Jim, after a little adventure with a broken steering line. Tamara took advantage of Charlie’s Chariot, Hanlin went with John W, and Zoe went off for a shortened sail with Denis, because Marine Rescue were having a rescue rehearsal in the Middle Harbour section of Manly Cove.
Helpers today were: Registrar: Helen, Sailors: John B, John W, Denis, Michael, Jim, Malcolm. Charlie’s Chariot driver: David W. On the radio: Corey, Photographer and observer; Caroline, extra help from Eileen, David G.

  • Ben and John W in Alex
  • John B and Vanessa in Black Swan
  • Kane and John W in Alex
  • Denis and Peter in Woody,
  • Malcolm and Susie in VIN