Today was notable because we had few bookings, few volunteers, but lots of lovely people turned up and it was also a stunning day regarding the weather. New volunteers Sandra and Howard sought through SEEK VOLUNTEER arrived and met the group, then we settled down to rigging just 4 boats and launching them. Wilma had returned from her break and was kept busy as Registrar, Ken set up the radio, Jim took the keys to Charlie’s Chariot. Our stalwart sailors in today’s strong breeze were: Michael, Denis, Crosbie, and Vince, later on Helene had a cruise in the lessening breeze. Nikki, Maleea and Scott managed the pontoon, Ros managed the life-jackets, Eileen was the chef for today and did a fabulous job. Sandra was in charge of the camera, and Howard was kept busy, first of all having a sailing lesson with Denis, then helping to put the boats away.
Sailing participants for today were: Vanessa, thoroughly enjoying the strong breeze out there with Vince, next, Kieran, who sailed with Vince; Kerry, out there with Crosbie, Duncan out there with Michael, Jackie had a nice time with Crosbie, and Diane chose to ride in Charlie’s Chariot with helper, Kundan. Meagan had a great ride with Michael as well.

  • Ivan and Crosbie in Ralph Newman
  • Meagan and Vince in Black Swan
  • Denis and Howard in Woody
  • Crosbie and Kerry in Ralph Newman
  • Through the moored boats