What a Wednesday this was!!!
In absolutely perfect weather conditions, we were delighted to be invaded by 4 groups who had booked, and one more which had forgotten to book. On top of this, there were individuals who had woken up to the perfect weather and decided to join us.
So, it was an incredibly busy morning. Congratulations to our hardy sailors, Rob, John B, Jim, Brian, Malcolm, Michael, Peter, John P, who each took at least 6 participant sailors for a ride on our beautiful stretch of water at Manly Cove, and to our caring personnel who took such wonderful care of their participants while they waited their turn. An incredibly social morning for all concerned.
A most humungous thank you to those who slaved on this incredibly warm Autumn Day to make everything happen neatly;
Sailing Coordinator; Eli, Pontoon manager; Caroline, Life-jackets; Celia, Registrar, Wilma, Support Boat Driver; John W, Photographer, Eileen. Thanks Eileen, beautiful photos today!!!
Helping on the pontoon were our two brand new volunteers, Howard and Sandra…is that what they call the Baptism of Fire? Corey was incessantly busy on the radio directing boats to come and go, and keeping track of time so that everyone had the maximum sailing time possible. Our angel who came and rescued the tired group at closing time was David, so that everything was put away in the right place with a minimum of fuss, and thanks to John P who kept reading the instructions so that everything went away in order.
Who were the people who enjoyed the day?
Helpers Bree, James, Bianca who brought Sahara; Jasmine, Edison, Azaan, Kadir, Muro, Bennie.
Annelies and Kellie who brought Unisson St Ives: Elias, Malcolm, John, Cath.
Ashief who brought Hanlin.
Andrew who brought Zoe and who was the absolute master of patience.
Catholic Care’s Kathy, with Milan, Zae, Maggie (of the big smile), Jai, Xavier, Asher, Naaraka, Luke with their individual helpers.
Trevor, Ben, Peter who came down to join the fun.

  • Ben and Malcolm in Alex
  • Jasmine and Denis in Woody
  • Shintaro and Rob in Ralph Newman
  • Denis and Harry in Woody
  • Ella and Jim in Dolly Wallis
  • Malcolm and Brian in Eli D
  • John and Susie in Vin
  • Anneliese, Curtis and Zae in Charlies Chariot