Thanks to the ingenuity of the 2 Davids, Goldner and Webb, we have a magnificent Storage Cupboard to top off the introduction of energy efficient storage units. They are energy efficient because we can get all of our gear outside on Sailing days, with a minimum of entries and exits to the Yacht Club, and it is all there to use. The cupboard was the last to be completed, and it was a huge effort for just a few people who made the time to pull out the old storage Units, (to be repurposed by others) and replace with cupboards that we can really use. Part of the construction is a safe ladder that can be hooked over a railing to give full access to shelving that even Eli can access. This gives us a large amount of space to store all of our equipment, and the tools to keep it Maintained…nothing stuffed into a corner to go rusty and dusty. These pictures do not do it justice, just looks like a cupboard, and the inside is amazing.

The replacement of our equipment will be slow and careful, logical and ethical, and take a few more days of deliberation. In the meantime, the floor has been vacuumed, and all looks spacious and comforting.

  • Warwick working hard on the cupboard
  • The team at the end of an exhausting day. Warwick, Peter, David G