What a lovely Autumn day it was today. From early in the morning until after we had finished sailing, the sky was blue, there was a gentle Westerly breeze, and lots of friendly people down at Sailability to go for a sail.
Our Sailing Coordinator for the day was Michael, Pontoon Manager Eli, on the radio, Warwick, Helen the registrar, Wilma the Life-Jacket lady, Ken and John on Charlie’s Chariot, Eileen, then Sandra taking photos. Nola was a magnifent help on the pontoon, with sailors, Denis, Jim, David G., Jennie, David W, Vince and Helene taking people for a sail. Later on, Ian came down to help, and Val.
New Volunteer Meriana also arrived to observe, and left with the comment that she would be back soon, after completing her Working With Children Check.
Ivy brought Peter down for his first sail for quite a long time, and he loved the experience. Anna came with Kerrie and Grant but decided to wait until the morning warmed up a bit, then decided that sailing would all be a bit too much pleasure, and decided to wait until next time. Grant was amazing, after many years of looking at the water with distaste, and not opting for a sail, he suddenly decided that Manly Cove was the place to be, happily jumped into the boat next to Denis and just stayed out there for ages. Meaghan was also happy to go for a sail this morning, if she could get hoisted into the boat, which saved some distress compared to last time she was with us. Kieran was his usual happy self, and first of all went for a sail, then helped as observer and flag operator on Charlie’s Chariot until it was time to return home. Then it was Vanessa’s turn, and she just loved the sailing as usual.
Last of all, Seb arrived from Sargood with Jan, who has enjoyed us before, and Greg who was a first timer, and loved the experience.
We learnt a few lessons in our packing up time today, as we have a new cupboard to learn the new spaces of packing away, and also had the barbecue going, which took a learning experience for our new Chef staff to get it right.

  • Meaghan in Black Swan
  • Grant and Denis in Woody
  • Kerrie and Jennie in Ralph Newman
  • Vanessa and Vince in Dolly Wallis
  • Kieran getting the flag ready
  • David and Jan in Black Swan
  • Helene and Greg in Vin