What a beautiful Autumn Day, all that was missing was a steady breeze. Our incomparable team of helpers arrived early and set up five boats in readiness for sailing. Caroline was an exemplary Sailing Coordinator, making the day run smoothly for Volunteers as well as Sailing Participants. Denis, Wilma and Helen were the early birds, setting up the deck for a smooth transition into a sailing day. The hospitality trolley was set up, then the Life-jackets and jib trolleys. Thank goodness for the 2 David’s who invented these marvellous pieces of equipment. Sandra and John P arrived next and new Volunteer, Candice, while Warwick found the Charlie’s Chariot key and went off to pick it up. Corey was the radio operator, ken on duty up on deck, Sailors Peter, John W, Brian, Ted, Michael, Steve, John B. Eileen and Sandra helped on the deck and pontoon until asked to do a cleaning job in the boat-room, which took a lot of energy. Ros arrived a little later, and David W almost in time to pack up…a small sail was implemented to make it all worthwhile. Then our Sailing Participants arrived: Ben, with Betty and Peter, Jack arrived with Keira and had a short sail, then a long ride in Charlie’s Chariot, Jan and Michael arrived with Seb and Jacob from Sargood, David, Tamara, Sue, Peter came down with Josh. Vanessa came with Barb this time and was a symbol of patience as she waited for her turn on the water. Hanlin arrived with helper, Ashief, then Michael, Sifa, Adam, Derek, Warren from Unisson. We haven’t seen these people for over a year now, and it was a treat to see them looking so well. Zoe came with Sally, and took a little while to settle to her usual calm self.
The water was so calm, that most had a sail today, with a Charlie’s Chariot ride as special treat at the end.
We also had a visit from our local State Member of Parliament, James and helper Kim. Both had a ride on Charlie’s Chariot with James having a turn driving, under the watchful eye of Warwick.

  • Candy and Brian in Black Swan.
  • Sandy and John in Dolly Wallis.
  • Jack and John B in Ralph Newman.
  • Ben and Ted in Woody.
  • Caroline, Sailing Coordinator Supremo.
  • David and Ted in Woody.
  • James and Warwick. The Driving Lesson.