This morning we had perfect sailing conditions for our Hansa’s early in the morning, up until around 11.15 a.m. when a strong south westerly came through, making the conditions difficult, and whipping up waves that were breaking into the boats.

Nasay, Nadoup and Khadup, new residents from Tibet, have been learning English from Ken. He brought them down this morning to learn some sailing language, and to help with rigging and packing up the boats. All three went out for a sail while we waited for the participants. It was lovely to see the smiles on these faces as they enjoyed the gentle sailing that we experienced early in the day.

Before long, Bart, Alistair, Theresa, Jake, Nikita and Doug came down from SEALS with helpers Harley and Viv, and all had a great time on the water. Jake, Nikita and Alistair are starting to take the controls of the boats, and are aware of the general direction of the wind.

Gaynor’s group, BIRDS arrived at around 10.30, and by the time we had them life-jacketed up, the wind was already increasing, so not everyone got turn on the water. Dannielle was first off, solo in Dolly Wallis, and she loved the slightly out of control feeling as she rushed through the waves. Jim and Patrick managed to have a turn on a sailing boat, but we took Brad and Chris on Charlie’s Chariot as this was the better option in the rising wind.

Our fabulous team today was:

Ken, Nasay, Nadoup, Khadun, Wilma, Jay, Molook, David G, Denis, John G, Corey, Ivan, John W, Helen, Warwick, Michael, Eli and Peter.