Sailing Coordinator: Rob, then John
Pontoon Manager: Eli
Registrar: Helen
Life Jackets: Wilma
Support Boat Driver: Warwick
Observer: Ken, Allison, Corey
Time Keeper: Ray
Sailors: Rob, Denis, Ivan, David, Steve, Michael
Photographer: Ken, Saeger
Pontoon helper: Kath
Helping up on deck: Marc

Our sailors came from far and near: Noah, Justin, Kevin from Royal Far West with Craig and Mum of Justin and Kevin, as well as a big sister. Noah was totally confident, but the Nugent family were a little tentative of the water, having come from Griffith. It was lovely to see the way they settled into the relaxation, once they got the idea that they were not going to sink, or even get wet.

From Arranounbai we had Rachel, Riley, Jessika, Kaelen, William. A lovely senior group from this school, with teacher Rochelle. It was lovely to see Jessika’s big smile, after such a long time. Kaelen decided that the Support Boat is the better way to go.

Travis arrived with Dad, Geoff and went for a long relaxing sail.

Fowzia, Hannah, Kerry, Kirean and Filex came down from Epping and all enjoyed their sailing.

Last of all, all the way from Ashfield Kris, Lily and Ramash arrived with Michael, Jack, Andrew and Alistair. All had a great time on the water as well as Lily, who has decided that she would like to learn to sail so that she is able to take one of her participants with her at some time in the future.

We also had Saeger with us today, from UTS, taking photos and videos for the graphics project his class is undertaking for Sailability NSW.

Thanks so much to David G, who has spent lots of time this week, fixing one of the boats which had some damage in the strong winds last week. Also to Warwick and John, who spent some time fixing the netting for Charlie’s Chariot to stop the birds from nesting inside during the time we are not using her on the water.