For the first time in many weeks, the decision this morning was easy. A beautiful sunny morning, with winds up to 8 knots ensured a fabulous sailing day for us all.

Our team for today was: Sailing Coordinator: John W

Pontoon Manager: Col
Time-keeper: Ray
Registrar: Helen
Support Boat Driver: Warwick
Observer: Corey
Assistant driver: Allison
Photographer: Ken
Sailors: Rob, Denis, Ivan, Malcolm, Steve, Peter, Helene.
Working on repairs to boats: David G, David P.
Extras on deck: Marc, Massay, Khadup, Juliette.
Extras on the pontoon: Ryan, Liam.

First down this morning was new family, the Jandarsh family, with Samuel out for his fist sail ever, Mum, Pop and Nana on the Support Boat.

Sunshine groups from French’s Forest and Pymble brought Elias, John, Geoff, Leesa, Brendan, Geoffrey, Allan, Mathew, Stephen, then the two Robs and Mark.

Kel from Royal Rehab brought Blair down, then Blair’s son, Hugh arrived. There was some juggling of personnel between boats, while we transferred Blair to Starboard, to make it easier for him to use the controls, and Hugh jumped into the same boat. What a proud moment for all; Hugh helping his Dad to sail out on the open water, then slowly back to the pontoon. Many a tear was wiped secretly while this was done, as it is a great milestone in Blair’s life.

In the meantime, the two David’s were working away at the damaged boats left on deck, and almost managed to complete this work before time to put everything away. While working on this, David managed to find more repairs to be carried out, and will complete it tomorrow.