This was a gorgeous morning once the heavy cloud cleared away. The wind was a very kind North Easterly, which allowed for perfect sailing away from Manly Yacht Club and back without any interference from the ferries. The beautiful weather brought out a plethora of sailors, more than we needed, but enabled everyone to have an excellent time on the water.

Col was the Sailing Coordinator.

Malcolm the Pontoon Manager, Warwick, Charlie’s Chariot Driver, Ken, then Corey the observer, Helen the Registrar, Denis and Michael helping on the deck, Ray the Time-Keeper, Marc and Kathy helping down on the pontoon. Our sailors today were: Ivan, Jim, John, Rob, Malcolm, Steve, David, Peter, Helene and David G. Peter and Shelley arrived quite late, Peter to take a turn on Charlie’s Chariot, and Shelley to have a chat up on deck.

What a great team!!!

Our participants were also wonderful today; the beautiful weather enables marvellous personalities to emerge. Dylan, Jaylem, Rixton, Joshua, Jordan, Charlotte, Aaron, Liam, Mitch walked down from Royal Far West, to take advantage of the sailing or Charlie’s Chariot, some lucky enough to get a go on both. These children are from Muswellbrook, Wagga, Tamworth and other places, and don’t get to see large expanses of water very often.

Then Rebecca brought Alexsandra, Kyle, Eddie, James and Jasper from Fisher Rd. Dylan opted not to sail today.

Simone and Joel from SEALS brought our friends Jake, Doug, Tom, Zoe, Alistair and Monty. Jake is starting to get the feel of the joy-stick to steer, and Monty (the unicorn) keeps telling us how beautiful, safe and happy she is.

Sunnyfield, French’s Forest arrived next, with Adonis, Ben, Luke, Jocelyn, Rodney, and Jenny, who chose not to sail. Rodney and Jocelyn had a go in Charlie’s Chariot with helper, Glenn, as they felt that this was the better option, while Ben chose the smaller boat for his sail.

Last group for the day, Bee Cos We Care, containing Jack, Holly, Steve, Jess, Chelsea and Paul, as well as Jayden, who decided to watch today had a wonderful time on the water, enjoying their sail with their new sailor friends.

After this sort of day, it was a quick wash over for the boats, and an efficient putting away, neat and ready for next time.