A perfect morning for sailing. The weather was not too warm, not too cool, and the wind was perfect for our purposes, a light South Easterly blowing to make sailing comfortable for our sailors.
Wilma took over the Registration Table while Corey organised the radios and the radio communication sheet. Brian, Steve, Peter, Michael, B, Michael S, Denis set up the Hansas, while Warwick went across to pick up Charlie’s Chariot from the mooring.
John McA wished us a fond good-bye and made it a point to thank the volunteers for the wonderful atmosphere of support and fun he has had as a Volunteer Sailor that he has had over the years he has enjoyed sailing at Manly.
Sailors this morning were: Brian, John MC A, Peter, Michael B, Jim, David G, Jeremy.
Warwick was Safety Boat Driver. John was resting his shoulder, that has just had some light surgery while directing operations on deck. Pontoon duties were shared by Peter and Jim.
Participant sailors this morning were: Ollie, Grace, Paul, Ella, James, Alysse, Craig, Tarek, Gary from Sargood, Kyle, Eddie, James from Catholicare, and last of all, Hanlin.
David G managed the exceptional feat of threading the mooring rope of one of the moored boats through the rudder and keel of his dinghy and managed to escape the dreaded result with help from Charlie’s Chariot while James waited patiently in the crew seat.
David managed to loosen the rowing dingy away from Charlie’s Chariot, therefore managing a cooling swim to rescue it before returning to the pontoon.
All in all, it made for an exciting, enjoyable morning on the water for the Sailability Manly Crew.