It was a difficult decision at 6:50am this morning – very cloudy & light showers – do we proceed or cancel sailing. We decided to take a risk & proceed with sailing.
It gave me GREAT pleasure at 8:45am while holding the Sailability briefing meeting to see so many volunteers, smiles on their faces & willing to proceed in the light showery weather & slight breezes.
6 boats were rigged & put in the water.
Helen H. was doing her usual registration job. Eli D. took charge of the radio & timekeeping.
James G, Peter B, Nola B, Brian S. took to pontoon duties.
Wilma J was busy arranging morning tea along with fitting participants with life jackets.
Various other volunteers continued to make light work of the various jobs throughout the morning.
The first boat away was Eli D – skippered by Skye F – with friend Lisa as the crew
Closely followed by Black Swan – skippered by Rob S with crew Jay.
Ragnhild & Wolfy went sailing in Vin. Brian S. took his granddaughter Ivy sailing in Dolly Wallace. Denis L. was soon on the water with a usual participant Vanessa in Woody.
John W. was the skipper of Charlie’s Chariot, taking Shelly B & her friends Ellery, Lia & volunteer Clare A on a spin around Manly Harbour. Various others also enjoyed a ride in Charlie’s Chariot throughout the morning & others went sailing.
David W took his granddaughter sailing.
Peter Harley (Sponsor representative of Fresh Water Community Bank) arrived & soon found himself in Charlie’s Chariot.
Peter & granddaughter went sailing in Alex Martin.
Good to see representatives – Nigal & Jeny from Manly Lions Club.
N. B Council Mayor – Sue Heins arrived & not put off by the light rain, readily wanted to go for a boat ride in Charlie’s Chariot & was accompanied by Jeremy’s T. mother – sightseeing in Manly Cove.
Dr. Shue (Sponsor) also showed her face & now is also going to join Manly Sailability as a future volunteer – Welcome aboard!
All boats & equipment was packed away & a light lunch was served on the balcony of MYC.
Many, many THANKS to Wilma Johnston who generously donated this lunch.
Warwick thanked a volunteers & Sponsors for their attendance.
NBC Mayor Heins also thanked all Manly Sailability Volunteers for the work perform in helping people with a disability enjoy time on the water.
Eli Demeny (Manly Sailability’s first Life Member) was pleased to see so many happy volunteers on this very cloudy & showery morning.
Although some volunteers ended up like drowned rats at mornings end, everybody was happy the the day proceeded.