What a perfect day for sailing. With a sunny weather and then a light breeze arriving about the same time as our first visiting participants, it felt as if spring had arrived early.

Our slick team of 17 volunteers already had eight boats rigged and ready to sail by the time the SDC arrived. With John W. and Ragnhild crewing Charlies Chariot, Corey on the radio, Nola, Peter W, Malcolm and Wolf on the pontoon, Helen handling registrations and Eli keeping a close eye on operations, we were off to a good start.

Skippers spent a very busy morning, spreading joy to 21 visiting sailors and spectators. Ivan sailed off very early and enjoyed a wonderful, independent morning sailing Cleo. Michael B then set sail with Paul from Aruma.

With arrival of the group from Cromer Campus, the pontoon became very busy, with Warwick sailing with Michael in Dolly Wallis, Denis with Aaron, Brian with Eva in Eli D, Peter B and Dane in Ralph Newman and John P. with Alwyn in Alex. Skye was pleased to have piloted Riley safely back to the pontoon in Black Swan after a tricky low tide manoeuvre, one which Warwick later managed to copy. With Michael B and Sydney sailing in Vin and Josh enjoying steering Charlies Chariot around the cove, Cromer’s fun day was complete. (News scoop: Keep an eye out for Eva starring in a new Weetbix ad!)

The morning continued a pace with the arrival of the Sydney Community Services group. Danielle sailed Black Swan solo, while Peter and Heath took Dolly Wallis for another sail. John, James, Brad, Stuart Graham Sandra and Iyan managed either to sail, have a voyage on Charlies Chariot or simply sit and enjoy the sun on the dock, to make their day.

Quick action twice by John and Ragnhild on Charlies chariot averted trouble at low tide while the pontoon team’s actions in turning around boats on such a busy day provided plenty of practice in use of the hoists. Helen and Corey managed their operations with their usual aplomb while Eli covered the many details which we others seem to miss.

Thank you all, including the hard working carers, for making it such an enjoyable sailing day.