A beautiful morning. This morning was for volunteers who wanted to obtain more experience with sailing.
Trainees Ken B., Warwick M., Michael S., John M & John P.
Experienced Skippers John W., Denis L., Michael B. & Jeremy T.
One boat was rigged. Theory lesson by Denis & John on rigging, wind directions , trimming the sails, etc., etc.
A light breeze came up so four more boats were put in the water for practical sailing lessons.
John W / Warwick — Jeremy / Ken , — Michael B / Michael S ,. Denis / John P ,. John M [own] — All sailing various courses & putting theory into practise..
Wind increased slightly , so good sailing was had by all.
David Webb & Brian Stitt did some much needed maintenance work on the cupboards & trolley, and also on the pontoon to help the docking of the boats. Thank you!
Thanks also to John Weaver for organising this great morning!