A beautiful morning greeted us today – unfortunately the wind was very light.

Today was a sailing school for four volunteers [ Clare A, Shelly B, Skye F, Nola B. that wanted to improve sailing skills.

Experienced skippers were Denis L – John W –Michael B– & David W.

Four boats were rigged.

Theory lesson by John W & Denis L. — talked about the correct rigging , sail settings etc. etc & Denis explained further on the white board. regarding wind directions / sailing. etc.

Then John / Clare — David / Shelly — Michael / Skye — John / Clare took to the water to improve their skills .

Unfortunately wind conditions were very light but a good morning was had by all .

Warwick had a very quiet day in Charlie’s Chariot.

All boats were washed down & packed away by 12.15pm.

Thanks to John W. for arranging this morning.