We were blessed with perfect winter sailing conditions, bright and sunny with light south-westerly breeze.

John W was SDC and Mal, Wolfie and John M managed the docking of the boats, with Cory as usual marshalling the sailing operations. Warwick and Ken supported the sailors in Charlies Chariot and Helen and Wilma did a great job in managing the client’s preparations for sailing.

While waiting for the first clients, and with the advantage of a low tide, Jeremy and John M decided they should practice their technique for running aground, which they seemed to have mastered. This also gave the dock crew the opportunity to practice using the retriever line – putting our spare time to good use with additional training!!

The first to arrive were Andrew (a big South Sydney fan) and Elizabeth who drove from Katoomba for their first sail with us. Elizabeth is also a volunteer at Penrith Sailability so she will be able to take Andrew out herself on their next visit.

Our regulars from Sunnyfield, Vanessa, Luke and Anna then went for a sail, followed by Alyse, James, Tarek and Craig from Northside. They were followed by Maggie, Rosie, Jal and Allie from Support Society, and finally our regulars Hanlin and Ben B.

The wind dropped a little during the morning, however our sailors of Denis, Michael, Peter,
John P, Jeremy, Brian did a great job in providing our guests with a memorable experience.