We were lucky with the weather today, with lots of sunshine and a moderate breeze. It was a busy day with three groups of participants plus some individuals, but with lots of willing volunteers the day ran smoothly.

John W was SDC, with Eli on radios, Helen on registrations, Ros on lifejackets, and Wilma on refreshments. Our sailors today were: Ragnhild, Rob, Michael, Denis, Sophie, Clare, and Jackie, with Warwick and Ken manning Charlie’s Chariot. We were very glad to welcome back longtime volunteer Jannie, who put his sailing skills to the test with Denis and received the tick of approval! We also had Wolfie, Shelly, Joe, Peter B, Rob, Jay, Michael B and Helene helping out with rigging and seeing participants safely into boats.

We had Shane down first with his carer, then from Northside we had: Alyse, Kieran, Fran, James and James. Sunnyfield arrived soon after with Lynne bringing Denton, Douglas, Stephen and Blaney. CPA were our third group of the day with Kate, Jessica, Stuart, Charlie and their carer, Brooke. Towards the end of the morning, we also had visits from Matthew, Ben, and Paul who all waited patiently for boats to free up.

Another successful and enjoyable day, many thanks to all!