Monday was a lovely day for sailing. The waters were calm with a light constant 10-12knots breeze for the sailors. Perfect conditions all round, the rain held off and at times a reprieve from the Sun as it dipped behind cloud cover. Boats were rigged early and a wonderful turnout of volunteers on the day including, Steve, John W, Dennis, Ken, John P, Helen, Michael, Brian, Jim, Nora, Warwick, Ivan, Corey, Caroline, Mor, Malcolm, Peter, John B. Many hands make light work, with Helen manning the desk in her welcoming manner as always, Corey efficiently running the radios keeping boats coming in when needed and Caroline organising all the lifejackets. Everyone as usual mucking in with any job required.

Morning started quietly with Ben and Betty turning up early, always lovely to see their smiling faces. The first group, with 10 participants, was NBSC with 8 sailing and 2 enjoying Charlies Chariot. They all had fun on the water getting into water fights. James was a little nervous, but came back with a big smile and Harry last to get out was grinning ear to ear when he came back. Leon had a wonderful sail with carer Kel on the run around from Royal Rehap. Then the Arume group joined us, with Kyle, Eddie, James and Jasper all excited to get on the water. The last group to enjoy the day, were Birds with 4 sailors all getting out there having fun. Thank you carers and volunteers for making the day run so smoothly. Making my job, as coordinator, very easy.

Jackie Morgan