The Dream Team took over today:
Jim was the perfect Sailing Coordinator, making decisions and following through on them so that everything ran smoothly.
The Pontoon team was fantastic, even though it was the first time for them: Victoria and Nomusa did a fabulous job, working through a crowded pontoon, and a couple of the more difficult participants, as well as a few rudders that would just not sit down.
Joe and also Mor, a new volunteer today, also helped on the pontoon and kept everything running smoothly.
Helen was her usual remarkable self, Wilma on Life-jackets also. Ros kept up with demand for well-fitted lifejackets also, and cleaned up a couple in the process.
David W was the first driver on Charlie’s Chariot to use the brand new engine, and was very impressed with its performance. Ken took over the observing, as well as taking the first lot of photos.
Our wonderful Family Isherwood came again to day, and brought the lunch time refreshments with them, so that our sailors were: Steve, Rob, Ragnhild, Wolfie, John McA, Steve, Clare and Sophie, Sandy, MichaelM and Michael B, Helene, Nola.
Chefs were: Max and Hugo.
The lucky participants who came in today’s perfect Summer Weather were: Karen, a new sailor.
Paul with his usual charming smile, Kerrie and Grant from Washington, Vanessa, Matthew, and Ben with the fabulous HIGH FIVE.
I think the best part of the day was when Clare agreed to take over Signals publication!!!!! What a wonderful relief to have this done for us into the future.
Thanks everyone for their efforts today.