Volunteer crew for today:
Sailing Coordinator: Warwick
Registrar: Helen.
Life-Jackets: Wilma
Pontoon Manager: Malcolm
Support Boat: John W.
Sailors: Michael B., Jim, Michael S., Jeremy, John B., John P., David, Denis, Jennie.
Radio operator: Corey.
Help on Deck, Ken.
What a great team down at Manly to welcome our partiicpants:
From Fisher Rd: George, Tayla, Logan, Alfie. With helpers: Sandy and Sue.
From Sunnyfields: Vanessa, Kane, Luke, Emily and helpers Rolf, who sailed this mrning, as well as Anneliese and James.
From Sargood: Mick, Aaliyah, Stephen with Maddie and Kylie.
Then Matthew with Rahesh, and Hanlin with Santosh.
What a great team to make a most enjoyable morning.