A perfect morning for a sail with a stunning blue sky welcomed us this morning to Sailability with several new Volunteers expecting to be shown the ropes, and very few participants to make things interesting. This was not to be, as we had a constant stream of unexpected guests taking advantage of the perfect weather.
Our team for today was:
Sailing Coordinator, Eli.
Support Boat Driver: Warwick, then Jim, as well as trainees Clare and Sophie.
Pontoon Manager: Nola, then Joe.
Radio Operator: Victoria, then John W, then Ken.
Trainee sailors: Ken, Sandy, Michael.
Guest from Kogarah Bay, Margaret.
Sailors: John W, Jackie, Steve, Ivan, Michael, Vince, Helene, Caroline.
Life-Jackets, Wilma. Registrar, Helen.
Lunch crew: Max and Hugo. Bought sausages then cooked them on the barbecue, then sold them all in short time, then cleaned up and packed away. Thanks for this seamless operation, Duke of Edinburgh students.
Our participants this morning arrived from early in the morning, and did not stop until well after midday. What a wonderful turn up:
Libby came for her early morning sail, then Vanessa. A little while later there was a Sunnyfield group with helper, Ella: Ben, Roslyn, Jenny, Courtney. Courtney astounded us with her bravery, first of all too timid to get into a sailing boat, she preferred an introductory run in the Support Boat, then plucked up enough courage for a sail, and then another one later in the morning. Betty arrived with Ben, then Peter for his eager sail with Jeremy. Peter is managing the joy-stick with confidence now.
Kundan brought Daniel, Diane, and Duncan. Then Ella brought Chris, a late comer from Sunnyfield.
Just when we thought it was safe to pack away, our Sahara team arrived with their group. Su with Belinda, Christian, Katie, Maeve, Alistair, Paul, Jonathan and Bennie.
Quote for the day: Sandy, one of the new ( and very confident sailors) when asked what he thought about volunteering for the day: “Well, I don’t know who was having more fun, the volunteers or the participants.”
It didn’t take long to get everything packed away with such a willing team of helpers.