Our team for today:
Sailors: John McA and Rolf newly accredited on our list of competent sailors, Brian, John W., Denis, John P., Jennie, Jeremy, Steve, John B., Warwick, Ragnhild, David.
Support Boat Drivers: Warwick, Ragnhild, John W taking their turn.
Registrar, Helen, Life-jackets Wilma, Radio, Corey, Observer/photographer, Caroline.
What a great team we made, with members changing roles as participants came and went, all appreciating the sparkling day that Manly prepared for us.
Participants for todays sailing were:
From Royal Far West: Ruby, Ashton, Tor, Ezekial, Marianne.
Individuals: Dennis, Pam, Georgie, Ben, Nadi, Ben, Hanlin.
From Sunnyfield: Emily, Luke, Vanessa, Rodney, Sue, David.
From Ability Options: George, Brendan, David, Andrew, Martin, Maarten, Kevin, David B, Lyndal, Liz.
We really appreciate the helpers of these groups, who constantly care for their individual participants, join in the fun, and make our Sailability days a joy to hold.