We knew we were in for a busy day today because bookings had closed several days ago, but not expecting the promptness of our participants, the changes in the weather, and the incredible waiting powers of the people who came to sail with us this morning.
We used the Manly Yacht Club Support Boat, Robbie R, because Charlies Chariot is in the process of being fitted with a new engine. Thanks Manly Yacht Club for allowing us to borrow this one.
We were just finishing our briefing when our first guest arrived, Kyle, so off he went for his first experience with us. He had not even embarked, when 10 students from Cromer Campus, Northern Beaches College arrived, donned life-jackets, met their sailors and went off for their first sail with us.
Rafael, 2 Elijahs, Riley, Aaron, Curtis, Michael, Nicholas, Dylan, Callum took their turn in a Hansa, with Nicholas remarking on the comfort of the seat, which kept him safe in the boat, and letting us know that his experience was ‘awesome’.
As this was happening, our little team from Sunnyfield, Luke and Anna arrived, then Vanessa with Rolf. When it was their turn, they went willingly into the boats.
Sandy and Sue arrived from Fisher Rd, but only 2 of these children sailed, because the sky suddenly went black, and light rain was falling. Alfie and Logan were the 2 that sailed. In the meantime, most of the Cromer Campus boys had returned from their sailing, making room for Ben, Rodney, Peter, Vanessa and Dave from Sunnyfield to take their turn. Bella, Janet, James and Tarek arrived with Kylie from Northside and very graciously allowed others to go ahead of them because they were having such a good time socialising on the deck and enjoying their time in the sun, that had reappeared after just a few minutes of light rain.
Kyle embarked from his boat and prepared to go home, when Warwick offered him a ride in the Support Boat. What joy appeared on his face, as he quickly donned a life-jacket and hopped in. What an experience for this young man who is so eager to try out new things.
Our lovely group from Avenue had arrived with Charlotte while all this was happening, so that Sharon, Vanessa, Sophie, Nina, Archie and Dave took to the boats and went off for their sailing time.
Then our very patient participant, Hanlin arrived. It was great to see him watching what was going on, and waiting patiently for his turn with helpers Santosh and Khone.
Finally, Anthony and Oscar arrived all the way from Parramatta by public transport and went off for their sail.
James, Ella, and Janet elected to use the Support Boat also, as so much time had passed being sociable that we needed to get the Hansas away before the next group came in. A wonderful reward for being so patient.
All of this could not have happened without our incredibly well prepared support team:
Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire: Brian.
Support Boat Crew; Warwick, James, Caroline, John.
Hard working and efficient Life-Jacket Coordinator; Wilma.
Incredibly efficient Registrar; Helen.
Hard working Pontoon Managers, Peter and Malcolm, with lots of help from Ken.
Sailors: John B, John P, John W, Jeremy, Ragnhild, Michael, Denis, Jennie.
And our wonderful radio operator, Corey, who just kept things moving so that all 34 of our participants had a wonderful day which included a sail, or a ride in a Support Boat, a time in the rain and a time in the sun. Congratulations, Corey.