Three lovely groups visited us this morning, when again, the wind was just on the borderline for abandoning because of the gusts that seemed to chase our little Hansas up and down Manly Cove. This made for a bit of fun with our sailors, who were able to keep the boats on a reach between Kilburn Towers and the old Sea Sanctuary, and back again. All of our participants loved this sensation of rushing through the Cove from one end to the other, and back again, and again and again.

Kayleigh, Luke, Michael, Jatin and Mikey loved this sensation, while helpers sat in Charlie’s Chariot and took some delightful photos.

Catherine brought a reduced number of the group from Cromer High, as there is still some illness about. Just Luca, Arwen and Bree attended. Thank goodness they brought some dry clothes with them to travel back to school on the bus, as all were quite wet when they got out of the boats. Those smiles made me imagine that they really enjoyed their experiences and will write a brief story explaining this.
Paul, from Aruma came with Annie.

Last of all, Danielle, Stuart, Manda, Graham, and Carlo came from BIRDS, loving the time they spent on the water. Danielle bravely tried to do her usual solo sail, but found the increasing wind just too much for her to manage the boat and stay dry at the same time, so she called Charlie’s Chariot back for a tow.

Our fabulous volunteers for the day were: Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire; Warwick
Registrar: Helen
Radio Operator: Corey.
Sailors: Denis, John P., Brian, Peter, Rob, John B, Jim.

Charlie’s Chariot Driver started with Jim and finished with Peter, so they were both able to have a sail as well.
Pontoon Management was very ably carried out by Malcolm and Nola, and Jay helped up on the deck. Jackie arrived a little later and helped wherever help was needed.

While all this was going on, David G was up on the deck and boat room doing some repairs to trolley and cupboards.