This morning the forecast was for a steady 7 knot westerly, but what we were faced with was anything but steady…the wind was gusting into white caps every so often, and we would probably have been better to postpone sailing for today.

However, our devoted team decided to go ahead as we were expecting some new people, had some very strong sailors on our team, and we were expecting at any moment that the gusts would stop.

Wilma was on Life-jackets, helped by Ros, Nola was out Pontoon manager. Helen was the registrar, Jim the Support Boat Driver with Victor as observer and photographer. Rob, Sophie, Vince, David W were the sailors, Jay was a wonderful help on the pontoon and deck, Helene was the Radio Operator and Mark came down later to help with the putting away.

Sailors Libby, Judith, Kieran, Travis, Stephen ( from Sargood) Grant and Meghan from Washington House, then Peter and Bradley were our sailors for today.

Judith had her second try in Alan Wood, but the wind was just too strong for the conditions and she soon brought the boat back to the pontoon. David W, who had been working on the boat for the previous week was disappointed in its performance, and will try again with some new connections in the coming week.

Libby had a learning session this morning, but decided to leave it for the day, as the wind appeared to be too strong.