What a wonderful and hard-working team we had this morning to make our day a successful one.

Brian was Sailing Coordinator, leading the Team. Jeremy, then Warwick were our Support Boat Drivers, Wilma in charge of Life-jackets, Helen the Registrar, Sailors Michael S, John P, Jeremy when he was not the Support Boat Driver, Warwick also, John B, Denis, Brian; Corey on the radio. Michael B was a capable and efficient Pontoon Manager with Eli helping down there.

Denis arrived first, so was the first to go, with wife Pam and Georgie taking over the role of Observers on Charlie’s Chariot.

Sarah, Joe, Jonah, Brock the brave, Willem and Zoe from Arranounbai arrived next with teacher, Katherine. Brock was working hard on his courage and spent 10 minutes in a sailing boat sitting close to the edge and hanging on tight. Later had a good look at Charlie’s Chariot and decided against it. Next time will be the time to actually go sailing. The others had a wonderful sail all the way over to the other side of the bay and back again before returning to shore to give Alyce, James, Craig, Tarek and Ella from Northside a turn. Craig elected to go on Charlie’s Chariot while the others sailed.

Riley and Edgar came from Fisher Rd, with helper Sandy.

Then Ben arrived with Mum, Betty.

The bay really calmed down to no wind when Sunnyfields Luke, Anna and Vanessa arrived, so the paddles got a work out.
Then Hanlin, Matthew, and Paul arrived for their sail. A lovely warm day, the first for many months helped the day move a long. We could have used a little more breeze, though.