This morning we were a little slow to start, but our early bird participants soon set us on the right track by turning up early and dictating the number of Hansa that needed to be rigged. That was the huge number of 8 boats out on the water with their bright sails in the fabulous sunshine.

David W was in charge of the day, and he was superb at the job. Rob was the Support Boat Driver in the early portion, and exchanged with Warwick for the putting away process.

Sailors Warwick, Sophie, Jeremy, Jim, John, Vince and Helene kept the boats moving, while Judith and Ivan took Alan Wood and Clea out for a solo sail. Nola was extra busy on the pontoon, Eli on the radio, David sorting out Judith into Alan wood after three years of not sailing because of a combination of Covid 19 and the weather. It was truly wonderful to see Judith out in her little single seater with electric motor again after so long away.

Jeremy was busy rigging boats and making sure everyone got their fair share of the sailing.

Our participants this morning were fantastic.

Daniel came for the first time all the way from Colo, and he was thrilled to be the first into a Hansa this morning, much to the pride of Mum and Dad who were watching from the side. Shane was next, then Libby, ollie with his Dad, Michael, Then the lovely Ben, and Stephen into Charlie’s Chariot.

Paul arrived next with helper Annie, a little floppy this morning, so used the wooden support we have had made.

Ken arrived next, from Sargood, then Luke, Dylan, George, Xavier, Owen from Care Culture.

Last but not least, Bradley arrived and was taken for a relaxing sail by Rob, who had swapped with Warwick by this time.

A usual, a huge thanks to the helpers who came down with the participants this time. It is so good to see the carers making sure life-jackets fit properly, and keeping the snacks up to their participants while waiting for a turn. Janne, Luke, Hazel, Michael, Betty, Annie, Kathy, we really do appreciate this.