Our fabulous team of 16 all arrived early this morning, so there were already 5 boats out pretty much completed by 9.30, when our first participant sailors arrived. Thanks so much to the volunteers who made an extra effort this morning.

Jim was the dedicated Sailing Coordinator.
Vince then Michael the Pontoon Manager.
Helen the Registrar.
Wilma organising lifejackets for all.
John Weaver, back from his cruising holiday looking healthy and tanned, driving Charlies Chariot.
Caroline returning from a month’s holiday, and several months over-working as a Covid Vaccinator, now our wonderful photographer.
Joe, back from surgery.
Ken returning from a few months illness, then a month working hard on the HSC exams.
Helene on radio duties, then our for a leisurely sail.
Sailors; Michael, Vince, Rob, Ivan, Denis, Sophie, Jeremy.
And wonderfully efficient “putter awayers” at the end of the day. A million thanks to all of these.

Participant sailors this morning were: Kerrie and Meghan and Kerri from Washington House.
Stephen on Charlie’s Chariot with nephew Elliott.
Jay and Andrew from Royal Rehab.
Ollie, and last of all Peter, all the way from Castle Hill to enjoy sailing on Manly Cove.

A wonderfully satisfying day.