This morning started slowly because our crew was a little thin on the ground to start the morning. Having only 4 sailors available, we put out 4 Hansas only, and sent Warwick across to pick up Charlie’s Chariot off the mooring.

We did not have a numerous list, so were confident the 4 boats would be enough. First to arrive was Libby, who took off with the lovely Sophie, then Joshua, all the way from Blacktown. Joshua and Bec must have started out at DAWN!!He was so happy to get into the boat with John, to have finally arrived at Manly. IN the meantime some of our newer sailors went for a practise sail in the remaining boats. Matt arrived for his sail noext, nice and early, then later in the morning, Diane, Jackie and Duncan arrived from Housing connection.

So, it was agood morning, well spread out, and finished with a delicious Barbecue, cooked by Jeremy.

Thanks so much to the volunteers this morning:
Jeremy, Ken, John, Warwick, Nola, Denis, Michael, Helen, Sophie, Jim, Helene, David.