Finally, half-way into September we had a warm day with a pleasant breeze to attract lots of people to our Sailing Day.

We needed our full fleet of 7 303’s to get everyone on the water, and all of the cleanly laundered life-jackets were used.

Our wonderful team of Wilma and Helen, registrar and Life-jacket lady were in full swing the whole morning.
Sailing Coordinator, Michael B did a fine job.
Sailors: John W, Brian, Denis, Michael S., Steve, Jonathan, Jeremy took to the water after the rigging was completed. John P stayed on the pontoon, Corey on the radio, Warwick on Charlies Chariot, with Eli as photographer.

First group down to meet us this morning was Royal Far West, with students from all over Western NSW, and teacher Ruby. Mason, Dillon, Kayden, Jocelyn, Jasceon had a great time on the water while we waited for our Northside group.

James, Ella, Tarek, Craig and Alysse, quickly donned life-jackets and were ready to go.

Then our little ones from Fisher Rd arrived. All have grown since we last saw them a few months ago. Sam decided that Charlie’s Chariot was his better option this morning, and Sai, Edgar, James, Scott and Riley took off in the sailing boats after snacking on their morning tea.

The Sunnyfield Group, David, Alex, Craig and Anna arrived with their helpers.

Hanlin was last with his helper Santo.

Helpers of these teams were exemplary today, and we thank them for their help which made the whole morning a very smooth running one.