We decided to go ahead with the Working Bee in spite of the rain, as most of the jobs needed could be completed inside, and the regular life-jackets didn’t really care whether it was raining or not, they still needed to be checked over and washed.

After a short discussion on the new Child Safe Standards, the 14 who had turned up for the Working Bee split into 5 groups.
1. Life-jacket checking and washing. Completed under waterproof shelter outside in the rain.
2. Self Inflatable life-jacket gas checks.
3. Tidying of storage cupboards.
4. Reversal of changes to jib sheets.
5. Tidying up and checking of First Aid Kit.
6. Hospitality cupboard check and tidying.

Necessary gear was distributed to groups and we were on our way with the tasks.

It was a very busy morning, with lots of chat and good natured conversations.

People working hard at their tasks were: Warwick, Isabella, Maddie, Joe, Denis, John, Nola, Jeremy, Helen, Brian, David, Ros, Michael.

Last of all, Grace turned up for the barbecue, went across and bought supplies, changed the gas-tank with help from David and produced a delicious lunch.

What an excellent team, and a worthwhile morning spent getting everything ship-shape for the coming season.