What an incredible day!!!

Our fantastic Volunteer team comprising:
Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire, Brian.
Registrar, Helen
Radio Operator, absolutely wonderful and efficient: Corey.
Sailors: Jeremy, Jonathan, Rob, John P, Malcolm, Michael B, David, Denis, Peter. (What a stand out team)
Pontoon Manager, Michael S with help from Malcolm, Peter and others.
Extra help on deck, Ken.
Life-jackets, Wilma.
Support Boat Driver, John W. Photographer, Eileen

These all arrived at Manly Yacht Club early in the morning in order to get all of the Hansas rigged and on the water ready for our participants, who were planning to arrive any time after 9.30 and before 11.30.

The day was perfect! Blue skies, light winds from the South West, not a cloud in the sky, it just looked like a day to sail. Sharon, who lives in Queensland but came to Manly just for a sail arrived first, simply loved her sail and is going to continue wherever she travels.

Royal Far West students arrived next, for the first time in over a year …how did they find their way after all of this time? But arrive they did, all 6 of them: Xavier, Ellis, Dom, Riley, Rasheda from various NSW country centres including Burke, Dubbo, Bathurst and more. Some of these have been before and showed the newbies what to do.

Then Arranounbai came down for their sail: Aaron, Evie, Mimi, Charlie, Emma.

Then Adrian arrived with Sargood’s Ben.

Next to arrive for morning tea, and then a sail: Vanessa, Luke, Anna, Tarek, Jareth, Aex, Emily, David, Rodney, from Sunnyfield.

Then Northside, comprising Alyse, James, Craig, Ella, Jareth.

A little later, Hanlin arrived with new friend Santos, and last of all Zoe came with Sally.

Thanks so much to all of these teams and their helpers who patiently took their turn on this busy day.

A special thanks also to all of the carers who are learning the art of booking on the web-site, and arriving on time. The weather definitely helped, and all of the dominoes lined up and stood straight to make this a fabulous day.