After several days of driving rain and very low temperatures, we woke this morning to an improving situation…no rain in the Manly Forecast, but very low speed breezes apart from a few gusts, and a pleasant temperature. And that was how it was. We had a reduced team of experienced sailors, 4 Duke of Edinburgh students, of whom three are very experienced sailors, and another three volunteers learning the ropes.

We started with just 3 boats out, and when Charlie’s Chariot was at the dock, we realised that this was one sick boat, as no cooling water was running through the engine. Would we be forced to cancel? No, Manly Sailing came to the rescue, offering us the use of Robbie R to fill the gap. Thanks so much, Manly Sailing and Manly Juniors, you have saved the day, which is down on our program for a couple of very special purposes.

First of all, we had some new sailors coming in for their first try on the water. Then we had some trophies to hand out to people from last year’s sailing programs, that had missed out at previous prize allocations: Ben, Jeremy with the Wayne Black Trophies, Caroline, Jackie, Sophie who had been absent at other ceremonies.

Also, a very sad event for today…an ashes scattering celebration of Judy’s life. She passed away earlier this year after around 20 years of sailing with us at Manly every opportunity she had, the best Regatta enterer ever.

As the day progressed, other sailors wandered in after appointments, and travel delays, so we ended up with 6 boats on the water, and an introductory sail for our 3 new volunteers.

WE finished with a beautiful lunch provided by Judy’s housemates, as well as a training barbecue chef day for Grace, who is going to take over the job of Chef on selected dates.

After everyone was back from their sail, the housemates of Judy tucked into a lunch provided by their helpers, Rita, Rose, Kardi, Derek, Adonis, Scott and Julie. Rita, Jackie, John and Eli went our beyond the line of boats to scatter the ashes.

Volunteers for today were:
Sailing Coordinator; Jeremy.
Pontoon Manager; Nola.
Support Boat Driver; John W
Sailors: Denis, Sophie, Ethan, Jeremy, Michael, Maddie.
Learner sailors; Isabella, Alex, Gonzolo, Marrina.
Registrar, Helen/Wilma. Lifejackets; Wilma, Ros.
Help on the deck and pontoon; Joe.
Radio operator, deck planner; Ken.
Chef; Grace.

People who came for a sail in the rapidly improving weather were: Paul, Vanessa, Grant, Kerrie, Meghan, Stephen.

Well done everyone for being able to combine a series of events into one enjoyable, memorable day.