It is so much better when the weather obeys. Our beautiful Monday Morning started when an excellent group turned up to take the 3 groups that were booked in for a sail, including enough sailors to take out 6 boats, run Charlie’s Chariot, the radios, as well as having hands for life-jackets, registration, extra hands on deck and on the pontoon.

Our incredible team for today was John as our Sailing Coordinator.
Malcolm on the pontoon.
Warwick and Ken on Charlie’s Chariot.
Eileen taking wonderful photos.

Sailors: Jeremy, David W, Denis, Michael, Jonathan and Jackie.
Corey on the radio.
Extra hands, Joe, Nola.
Participants for today: Brad, Paul, Eddie, Luke, Anna, Emily, (otherwise known as sunshine) Steffan, Danielle, Carlo, Alan, Stuart, Sandra, Ian, Stephen.

These people came from the community, as well as Sunnyfields, Aruma, and BIRDS.