Good morning sunshine. After many days of nothing but pouring rain, we awoke this morning to a bright sparkly morning, with a few dark clouds looming, so decided to go ahead. Unfortunately, by the time three boats were out and rigged, the rain was falling steadily, but there was a slight breeze, so we decided to go ahead, in a limited way with just 3 and then 4 boats, dress everyone in wet weather gear and hope for more sunshine as the morning progressed. Our participants from Royal Far West decided not to go, but the group from Arranounbai decided to brave the rain. The rain eased and returned a few times while the children were out there with the sails all over the place on the boats, making it a fun morning for everyone.

Our team was:
Sailing Coordinator for the first time Michael. Fresh from his training session, Michael took to this job like a duck to water, and really made the day run smoothly.
Power Boat Driver, Warwick, who made everything look easy while offering a tow to those who needed it.
Registrar, Helen,
Life-jackets; Wilma,
Pontoon manager and deck hand: John P,
Observer, Eileen,
Sailors: Jonathan (back from a long holiday) Rob, Michael, Jeremy, Steve.
Boat overseer Denis.
Radio, Corey.

In the meantime, tucked away in the corner, David. Margaret, Eli worked on the barbecue, getting it bright and sparkly for our next opportunity for a barbecue lunch.

Children who sailed with us today were: Jatin, Michael and Mikey. Ben arrived a little later, and last of all, Hanlin.