This morning dawned very cool and cloudy, and without any breeze to speak of. The forecast was good though, a top of 16 degrees and a slight north westerly, so our decision was to proceed as planned, in cold and very little breeze.

Our very wonderful team consisting of:
Sailing Coordinator and photographer; Caroline.
Support Boat Driver: David W.
Pontoon manager: Joe/Michael/Nola
Sailors: Denis, Rob, Vince, Michael, Helene, David G.
Duke of Edinburgh students: Maddie, Isabella, Ethan.
Registrar, Helen.
Radio operator and sausage chef, Wilma.
Extras working hard in other places: Minami, Ros, Ling-Ling.
All of these, working to stay warm, took our fabulous participants, who did not quake with the cold as they were all very sensibly dressed in warm clothing:
Vanessa, for the first time this year;
Fiona, who we have not seen since May last year,
Weekend Wanderers: Alex, Raishan, ASkail, Ranit, Raibuy.
Then Grant and Kerry from Washington House.

What a fabulous group, and we owe a huge vote of thanks to their helpers, who brought along extra nibbles for all to eat, on top of a delicious barbecue, both vegetarian and Meat.

Thanks: Jason, Jae Min, Antony, Bikas, Aika, Susuil, Betty, Anthony, Annie, Eizabeth, Abbey, Kashar. Having creative and sensitive help of this sort is always a joy.