The breeze was just on our limit early this morning, and because we were expecting 4 groups we decided to go ahead with Sailing hoping that the wind would drop as the day wore on.

Our wonderful team of Sailing Coordinator with a flair; John P.
Support Boat Driver: Warwick.
Registrar; Wilma.
Radio Operator; Corey.
Sailors; Peter, Denis, Michael, Malcolm, John, Brian.
Photographer and Observer; Eileen
Extra helpers; Joe, Nola, Michael,
Set up the boats, launched, and went for set up sail.

Then our groups started to arrive:
Aruma arrived slowly, in dribs and drabs; Paul with Annie, then Kyle, Steffan, and James with Jim.
Unisson brought Hannah, Sifa, Anna.
Sunnyfield brought Ben, Emily, Chelsea, Chrissy, Rodney with Phil.
Avenue brought George, Kirsty, Georgia, who did not sail, Jessika, James, Hassiba, Sascha, Robyn, Michael, Warren with Gemma and Mitch.

Not all of these sailed, as the wind continued to rise to uncomfortable proportions. However, we used Charlie’s Chariot to take those who still wanted a turn on the water in the rapidly worsening weather, Amanda brought her BIRDS group down, but a quick vote decided that the weather was unsuitable, so all went around for a warming Fish and Chip Lunch.

Our box of spare clothes got a good work out, and everyone enjoyed the trying on stage.

So, in spite of the weather, all had a very social morning, out in the fresh air, and in the most sheltered spot possible.

Thank you so much for all of these helpers who cooperated so well with their groups, and to our volunteers.