Can you ask for better than this weather? An astonishingly beautiful morning, and the wonderful company of 17 volunteers and 14 participants who came sailing with us made this a lovely morning.

Sailing Coordinator: Eli
Sailors: Brian, John W, John P, Ivan, Rob, Jennie, Jeremy, Michael, David
Support Boat Driver: Warwick.
Photographer and observer, Eileen
Registrar; Helen
Radio Operator: Corey
Pontoon staff: Michael and those people not sailing at the time.
Life-jackets and bus spotter: Wilma

All donated their time and energy into making it a wonderful morning for:
Grace, Aurora and Dillon from Arranounbai with staff Lisa and Rebecca. Grace and Aurora loved to sail, Dillon was happy in the support boat with 2 of his teachers.
Ben, Sophia, Danny, David S, Sophie, Claudia, Georgia, Nathan from Avenue with staff Charlotte, Rebecca, Gemma.
Then later on in the morning: Ben with Betty, Hanlin with Ashief, Zoe who decided to wait until later and have fun washing the boats rather than go for a sail.

Last of all, Jan, who came with Ben from Sargood, had a slight issue choosing the correct harness for her complicated needs, and then, when this was solved had a wonderful time sailing around Manly Cove in the glorious sunshine.

Most of our participant sailors today had a turn with the joy-stick, most notably Claudia and Ben who really concentrated on making the boat go in the right direction.