We are getting used to the strong westerlies that are prevailing in our sailing area this Winter, so the decision was taken to go ahead this morning, ready to abandon at any time if necessary.

We had an experienced group of volunteers consisting of sailors: David W, Jeremy, Michael, Denis, Vince, Crosbie;
A wonderful shore crew with Nola, Ken, Wilma, Joe, Helen.
On the barbecue, experienced chef, Wilma, with Mafi helping.
Power Boat crew, Ragnhild, Sophie (photographer) and Kieran. Sophie took some fabulous photos.

Brave sailors who came down for the experience of a lifetime absolutely loved it: James from Northside with helper, Min; Grant and Kerrie with Jemima; Kundan brought Jackie and Duncan, who sailed, while Diane opted for a cold ride on Charlie’s Chariot; and last of all, Paul came with Annie.

Libby came down to look at the situation but decided to leave it until September, when the weather will be mild.

The day was totally enjoyable for all, whatever the job in mind.