After sailing on Saturday morning, Francois, David and Nola went across to The Rowers and Sailing Club next door to put our good reliable friend, Charlie’s Chariot up on the slips in preparation for next week’s service.

Charlie was, indeed looking very sad, with lots of growth around the engine and the bottom of the boat. They decided to start work immediately, and commenced the scrubbing down, and power hosing to remove all of the growth.

This was continued on the Sunday morning, which was Mother’s Day. By Monday morning, everything was clean and ready to paint with anti-fouling, so Francois and Nola set to work with paintbrushes, and beautiful bright blue antifouling. By Tuesday, this job was completed with a second coat, and the service crew had arrived. The engine was serviced, and the lifting equipment examined for parts needed to repair it. This took a while, and by Friday, the spare-parts had been purchased and installed.

Saturday morning saw David and John W go down and take the boat off the slips, give it a bit of a run-around with a very impressive newly serviced engine, and tie it back on the mooring.

This was a hard week, and we thank all of the volunteers who were involved in these repairs.

How good it all feels now that this hard work is done!!! Thanks, David, Francois, Nola, John W, Joe, and everyone else involved.