After some very busy sailing days this year we gathered in Manly Yacht Club to say thank you to all of the volunteers who had helped us during the year.

Reminders of lockdown and special arrangements to avoid Covid 19, as well as constant rain over a long period of time were reminded to the group. We also talked at length about how we had coped with the fall in numbers, and the extra time and effort our Volunteers were able to spend on Training to Sail, Race Training, and repairs and improvements to our equipment.

A wonderful meal was prepared by Spit Roast and enjoyed by all. Visits from Zali, Michael, Bronwen and Lee were much appreciated, and their kind words about our dedication very welcome.

The beautiful photos were taken by Caroline, and available to anyone who wishes on application to Eli.

Our Volunteer of the year Award was presented to Nola, who has helped us enormously in a variety of roles: help on the pontoon, help with Racing Days, a welcome hand with arrangements for Volunteer Recognition Evening… a list that goes on and on.
Thank you to all who attended.