This morning reminded us of how we used to be before Covid 19 and the terrible weather we have been experiencing cancelled many Sailing Dates.

It was a beautiful morning, with blue skies, a gentle South Easterly breeze, and a fabulous crew to make our morning work perfectly.

Our crew put out 5 boats, had a short chat about watching out for ferries and who was on the list, and off we went.

Crew for today was John in charge of the day; Registrar, Helen, Radio, Ken, Charlie’s Chariot skipper, Warwick, Sailors: Jeremy, Michael, Jim, Denis, David, Vince, Helene; Photographer; Caroline. Nola was busy on the pontoon, Francois helping on Charlie’s Chariot, along with Sophie. Joe helped on the pontoon and with Life-Jackets.

Our lovely participants this morning were: Kieron; Shane, James, Stan (from Northside) Kerri from Washington, Michael B from the other Washington; then Ban, Andy, Emma, Chris from Hornsby Achieve, Duncan and Jackie from Housing Connection. Thanks to the helpers of these groups who were efficient and sensible so that the time on water was maximised.

Thanks everyone for a lovely morning.