This morning we decided to put out 7 boats, because we were expecting lots of participants, and lots of Volunteers and we were aiming to have people out on the water for extended periods of time. Unfortunately for some, several of the Participants cancelled because of one reason or another, so that the people who sailed had up to an hour on the water.

We started with Ben and Dennis, both of whom are now using the joy-stick to go wherever they wish, so this was an excellent morning for them. Carers Pam and Betty had a restful time waiting for them to have enough.

Amanda and Brian arrived next, 2 new sailors coming to us through Pioneer Clubhouse. They both absolutely adored the experience. Amanda will continue as a regular member, she was so impressed. Megan, their helper was also very impressed by their enjoyment, and their skills.

Royal Far West communicated that they would not be able to attend, and then immediately, the Fisher Rd children arrived. Sam and Riley had a lovely time, but James and Edgar will need a few more turns until they become used to this new environment with lots of unfamiliar people, loud noises, fresh air and lots of sunshine. It was difficult for them, and hopefully next time they come, it will be easier to familiarise them with these assaults to their senses.

Sunnyfield brought Ginny, Luke, Rodney, Peter, Anna, and David. Thanks so much to their helpers, who show wonderful patience with their participants, and make it easier for the Sailability Sailors and other personnel.

Last to arrive was Hanlin. He just rushed into a life-jacket, then down the ramp into a boat, and was away for a while.

Our team for today was wonderful as always, and we thank:
Sailing Coordinator, Brian.
Power Boat Drivers: Ken, Warwick, Jim.
Photographer; Eileen.
Pontoon manager and helpers: Michael, Mal, John.
Sailors: Denis, Jeremy, Steve, Ivan, Jim, Michael B, John B, Jonno.
And last of all, our fabulous deck crew: Helen, Corey.