Why was this Monday Magic? Because the wind was not blowing and the rain was falling gently.

Our wonderful dozen went down to Manly Sailability and decided to go ahead with rigging up the boats. By the time this was completed, the rain had paused, the wind had started to blow gently, and it was considered a perfect day for a sail. We were expecting a few sailors, so we took this opportunity for some sail training in light winds, it’s called paddling. Then the wind came up into a perfect 5 to 6 knot Easterly.

The team was: Warwick and Eli in Charlie’s Chariot, Denis in his role as Sail Trainer, Michael with his skipper, Brian, Ken with his skipper, John B., John P sailing solo, then helping on the pontoon and deck, Peter on the pontoon.

Kane and Rosa arrived from Sunnyfield with Aaron, and David came down for his first sail with Sailability after meeting Jim randomly at the beach last week. Kane chose a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, while Rosa went out and sailed with John B., smiling beatifically all the way.

Helen and Corey also enjoyed their time up on the deck, taking registrations and working the radios.

Everyone agreed it was a great morning, and we would have been silly to miss it.