Today was a satisfying day, because we not only had a nice group of participants sailing with us, we also managed to give some of our volunteers extra sailing training. It was a perfect sailing day with variable breezes, and a slight swell to make it interesting.

Taylor arrived early with Jo Jo, but he decided he would rather swim than sail at this stage.

Jill, who has not been well enough to be with us for several years had had an upsurge of energy and decided to come for a sail. This experiment worked well, because she got into Dolly Wallis with Warwick, and they rapidly moved into the sailing area, then back among the moored boats where sailing was less hectic. Congratulations, Jill, on this very brave step.

Jan from Sargood went off with Denis for an extended sail, which he loved, and Paul went with Helene.

Nola had a theory lesson, and helped rig a boat, then spent the rest of the morning helping on the pontoon.

Jeremy had his first go at Sailing Coordinator, and made an excellent job of it.

Leah went with Michael in Black Swan, John took Bec in Dolly Wallis, Wilma was in charge of Life Jackets, Helen was the registrar, Caroline the Radio Operator. Jim shared the Power Boat driving with Vince, Ivan sailed with Jim, then Vince. Later, Helene arrived and took Paul for his exciting sail in the rapidly rising swell. At this stage everyone declared it a day and meandered back to the pontoon, to be excellently packed away by the crew.