Our eager team consisting of Brian, Ken, Helen, Corey, Nola, David w, John W, Jim, Ragnhild, Eli, Michael, Denis, and Peter arrived bright and early this morning and rigged the boats ready for a short training session before our participants arrived. There was a very slight breeze tucked into the corner of the Yacht Club, but out on the water, it was quite a pleasant 4 or 5 knot south easterly breeze, giving a good experience for our learner sailor volunteers.

By the time our participants arrived just after 10.00 a.m., these had had quite a good lesson and were ready for the second half of the morning.

Wayne from Aruma arrived with his helpers/carers: Annie, Tanya, Jin, Denise, and our participant sailors: Paul, Eddie, Stefan, Kyle, James. After life-jacketing and fitting harnesses to these guys off the sailors went again for an extended period giving these participants lots of joy on the water in the rapidly diminishing breeze, with hands in the water, and lots of pleasant smiles.
Slowly we are getting back to normal and will have more community participation as the year goes on.