This morning we welcomed new volunteer Leah Mitton. What a wonderful asset she is going to be to our team with her beautiful smile and extreme work ethic.

After many months of correspondence and missed starting dates Leah made it down to Sailability and impressed everyone with her willingness to learn and accept new challenges.

Warwick was in charge of the day, with sailors: Ragnhild, John, Michael, Jeremy, Helene.

Jennie and Nola took over the responsibility of Charlie’s Chariot. Dennis helped with life-jackets. Helen was the registrar. Caroline helped on deck and on the pontoon. Ken was looking after the radio, and the QR System.

Because of the uncertainty about the weather, and Covid hesitancy we had a small group of participant sailors and helpers. John’s family came down to enjoy the sunshine. He took grand-daughter Gigi, and then Sophie, and later on Gigi had another turn.

It was lovely to meet Leela with Mum, Georgia; Fiona with new helper Krystina, Isabella and Sophie with Mum, Elizabeth. Eager for her first sail, was Libby, and at some stage, Ivan also had a long sail.

The weather helped enormously with the steady South Easterly Breeze which never became gusty, and the fact that the rain forecast stayed well away from us at Manly.

An auspicious start to a New Year which will hold some challenges for us all.